Established with Years of Experience

OB Floors has been in the business of flooring and interior deisgn for years in the Southern California.


We envision OB Floors as a household name in servicing interior installations in the whole Southern California area. 


We are here to bring excellent flooring installation and interior remodeling services while matching it with top-quality products and materials to every residence and commercial space that brings beauty and productivity that lasts.

As the business grew its service, we have added supplying high quality interior products and materials such as flooring, tile & stone, countertops, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, vanities & cabinets, and other more accessories. We have a team of highly skilled installers, wood and other material experts and supervisors that has in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of work, that makes sure that every project we take has its utmost care, detail and result.

Every client is our partner! Our goal is to provide our clients with awesome service and customer care in dealing with their needs and even going beyond what is expected. Giving the right work assessment, logistics team, special request accommodations and more. This is how we care.. ”A care that goes the extra mile”.

Why Choose Us

A Trusted Partner

We stand with integrity in servicing every client from the materials we use to the services rendered.

Detailed Quality Work

We are keen with our workmanship and our output is our gauge of success. Every detail we put is important.

Excellent Customer Service

We are not just contractors but your partner. We work hand in hand with our clients to achieve the goal.


Rebuilding Spaces to its Potential

With our team working in unison, our goal is to bring out the potential of each given space. Working on each project are skillful workers backed up with at least 10 years of experience, flooring and fixture experts to ensure quality materials are placed and project managers that makes sure everything is on schedule and properly communicated. Each space is unique, and we give them custom treatment that will highlight its own beauty.